Robert authored and co authored the Rich Dad Poor Dad series not as a step by step training tool on how to get rich. Robert’s main motivation is to inspire people and letting them know why getting rich and retiring young is not a far-fetched idea. The dream that many have of living comfortably is really attainable if you have the right motivation and know-how.


Understanding the Principle


Just like with any goal, you need a solid foundation on what you want to achieve. Robert Kiyosaki’s idea on how to get rich is not of the conventional type, which is “go to school, get good grades and get a good job”. His way of thinking is more on the line of “becoming an entrepreneur and investing smart” is the way to go. Though this way of thinking is sparking a great bit of controversy, for the Kiyosaki’s and the many that are aspiring and dreaming of changing their financial standing and for those who have succeeded, this way works.


Many of the generation today are lacking in the essential understanding of how finances, saving and investing play an important role for their future. Kids nowadays seem to think that money grows on trees and that having a credit card is a right, not a privilege, or a responsibility.


When Robert Kiyosaki first introduced his board game “Cashflow”, he tested it out with people of various ages and from different standards of living. The reaction was truly fascinating for the developers. Most of the tester did not really understand the concept of the relationship between their income statement and the balance sheet, and assets and liabilities.


From Understanding to Making It Work For You


Basing it on the reaction of the people he enlisted to test the game Cashflow, he allowed the participants a few moments to discuss among themselves why the game was so difficult for them. He gathered that for most people, they would choose to primarily hire another person to understand something that was essential and important, like finances. They would hire bankers, investment consultants or lawyers to understand the concept of assets and liabilities and understanding the balance sheet. Others would rather learn it, read it and not really know how to apply it real life.



Experience is always the Best Teacher


Robert Kiyosaki, being a self-taught, self made millionaire pointed out that in order for one to understand how the money can work for you, you need to know how it moves primarily.


In his books, he does not discuss step by step procedures on how to become rich. He shares his experience through stories to inspire and give insight to people on how to become rich.


The Rich Dad, Poor Dad Comparison


The inspiration for his books and his life goals primarily started with his father “the poor dad” who was an employee for most of his life. The inspiration for the “rich dad” was embodied by his friend’s father who was an entrepreneur.


Comparing the two dads’, Robert Kiyosaki formed his lifelong goal of becoming rich and comfortable. He saw the difference on how the two fathers lived and interpreted life. Though he admired his father who gave importance to the value of education, he was greatly moved by how the “rich dad” became the rich dad. This sparked his fuel and drive to make himself a success.


Seeing that the “poor dad”, though he worked really hard, being in the situation that he was in as just an employee, he did not make his wayvery well when it came to finances. Robert Kiyosaki saw that and took note of what he could learn from his biological father.


There was a very obvious comparison that he took to heart and applied when he started as an entrepreneur.





The success of the Rich Dad franchise was sparked by the way Robert presented and shared his ideas with the masses. He hit the spot as he was a relatable example of what a person can achieve through hard work and a practical mind. His experiences with how to handle money, from his first business and its downfall to the subsequent success of the ventures that followed are giving the readers a spark of hope for success.


Though there are many critics, the relatable experiences of failure and success that he shares goes through readers like wildfire. It sparks a flame that pushes and encourages them to succeed in life.  He arouses that inspiration that too many people is essential to stand up and change the circumstances that they are now in.


True that in business, luck comes into play, but luck will always come when you get up and get moving in making something for yourself. He inspires other people to keep on trying and keep on believing that success will come when you have a goal in mind and act on it.


The Donald Factor


Adding on to the Robert Kiyosaki experiences, he also enlisted the help of another rich man. Donald Trump is another self made millionaire who knows all about the ups and downs of the financial world. Going through failures and successes is nothing new to “The Donald”. The Robert Kiyosaki and the Donald Trump collaboration is further fueling the fire for many wanna-be millionaires to move and groove to the music of wise and practical investing.

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