Positive PERUMAL is the creator of OUT OF SYLLABUS workshop series in India and an author of the upcoming book “OUT OF SYLLABUS”.

Having hands on Experience in the fields of Leadership, Management, Sales & Marketing, Digital Marketing, Software, Online Branding, Peak Performance, Personal Branding, Personal Development, Counselling, Fitness, Health and Nutrition, Training & Development, Transnational Analysis, etc.

He first discovered to the sales and marketing industry in 2001, while he was still studying his Software Graduate.


Enable and passionate the participant or student, who want to become entrepreneurs, realize their dreams. We provide exposure to entrepreneurial skills, which will stimulate the students towards different opportunities. The skills we provide will make you equipped for your everyday business experiences, develop your entrepreneurial traits, motivate you to establish your own enterprise & subsequently create job for others.


Analyzing and Evaluating the One's Financial Status, Developing and Presenting Business, Process & Financial Planning Recommendations, Alternatives, Implementing & Monitoring the Business Recommendations through one of our leading Business Coaches with Practical and Experimental models.

Ongoing Event:

downloadIf you have a message, product, service or offer that you want to share to the masses?
downloadDo you feel pain of having less customers and profitsthan you will desire?
downloadAre you frustrated that your competitors are getting more business and success when they are less deserving than you?
downloadAre you just confused or even feeling clueless as to which factor are you missing when you are doing everything right?
downloadAre you feeling terrible because even with the correct idea, your business is not growing as you had expected?
downloadAre you helpless, because your work is keeping you so busy that you’re unable to invest the time and effort required to overcome all these issues?
downloadAnd are you feeling forced to chase after currency rather when you truly would rather be investing your time and energy into your legacy and fortune?
downloadDo you want to build your business in way where you have high profits and low risk and lots of freedom?


OUT OF SYLLABUS, the title tells everything else. The first question of our life of exam is MONEY. Isn't it? after finishing our college or school  life - everyone asking us like "what is your salary?" or "how much you earn?" But, there are no schools or colleges were taught us subject called MONEY in any syllabus.

No books, teachers, schools, colleges taught us about what is money, what is the advantages and disadvantages of money, how much it is important or not important, what it could and couldn't, how to become rich or happy? Noting, but the first question of our life is still MONEY. It is totally OUT OF SYLLABUS, not only money but many essential life skills that no one taught us. The book reveals the 3 essential life skills that no schools or colleges taught you!


Our focus is on being the consultant and coach to help people like you to maximize their potential and become healthier, happier and peak performers. My dream is to facilitate at-least 10,00,000 people for achieving peak performance state and living a healthier and happier life by 2020, achieving this - I’m proud to be a part of 2020 vision of our great leader Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

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