Analyzing and Evaluating the One's Financial Status, Developing and Presenting Business, Process & Financial Planning Recommendations, Alternatives, Implementing & Monitoring the Business Recommendations through one of our leading Business Coaches with Practical and Experimental models.


Business Leadership Bootcamp, Chennai 2016

download If you have a message, product, service or offer that you want to share to the masses?
download Do you feel pain of having less customers and profitsthan you will desire?
download Are you frustrated that your competitors are getting more business and success when they are less deserving than you?
download Are you just confused or even feeling clueless as to which factor are you missing when you are doing everything right?
download Are you feeling terrible because even with the correct idea, your business is not growing as you had expected?
download Are you helpless, because your work is keeping you so busy that you’re unable to invest the time and effort required to overcome all these issues?
download And are you feeling forced to chase after currency rather when you truly would rather be investing your time and energy into your legacy and fortune?
download Do you want to build your business in way where you have high profits and low risk and lots of freedom?


I LOVE MONEY Workshop India's leading & longest running experiential training program on Money & Wealth Creation comes to Chennai this July

download Are you worried about your financial future and your current level of savings
download Finding it hard to pay back your loans and EMI
download Dissatisfied with current finances and performance of your investments
download You Earn a high income but are able to save very less
download Confused where to invest your money for good returns
download Want to manage money better in personal life and in your business


Learn the Secrets of Managing Money & Creating Wealth in I LOVE MONEY Workshop. This is an intensive workshop on the Art and Science of Money and Wealth Management.

Workshop Trainer:

Suresh Padmanabhan, International Speaker and Author of the best-selling book I Love Money which has been translated into 12 Indian and foreign languages and is an international best seller. He has toured widely all over the world conducting I Love Money Workshops for the last 18 years with over 50,000 participants since 1998.

Workshop Details:

City   : Hotel Savera, Chennai
Date : 30 & 31 July '16 (Sat & Sun)
Time : 9am to 6pm                                               
Call   : Ravi Padmanabhan at +919841438486 to join

Special Early bird offers till 20th July 2016

or you can reach me on whatsapp at +919841438486 or mailto:

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Master the Game of Money & Wealth Creation with Only Profits – Investment Workshop, teaches you Proven Strategies of Investing in India. Its an One day Program to help you create Wealth for a lifetime.

In this Interactive Session you will learn:

download #1 Secret of Wealth Creation
download The Mindset of world's successful investors
download Explore Basics of Investing in Stocks & Mutual Funds
download Do’s & Don’t of Investing
download How to start investing with just Rs 1000 p.m.
download Earn Tax Free double digit returns
download Safely Earn 2-3 times more than a Bank Fixed Deposit
download How to Double your money in next 3-4 years
download Plan for children's higher education & marriage expenses
download 7 Sins of Wealth Creation which can drain your finances
download Multiply your Wealth by 10-100-1000 times or more in your lifetime
download Basics of Stock Picking for Wealth Creation
download Creating a Retirement Fund that beats Inflation
download Overcome fear of Losing Money
download Achieve Peace of Mind & Financial Freedom (even if you have started late)