Business Leadership Bootcamp, Chennai, Day 2 Experience

Business Leadership Bootcamp, Chennai, Day 2 Experience

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In the business leadership workshop in chennai, my journey continued to day-2…

From the Second Day, I had got more clarity on Sales & Marketing part of my businesses especially to escape and save time from time wasters.

My entire aspect about digital marketing business changed during this bootcamp. I thought the content marketing is nothing but writing few articles. But, in that session I got a clear & big picture of the content marketing is one of the main distribution channel and process to increase our sales.

content-marketing-services-by-dr-maharaja-sivasubramaniyan-nI find it very much boring to personally write articles, in this bootcamp, Dr.Maharaja, taught me a simple 10 – steps process to writing contents in a simple and powerful way. It is very profitable for me.

I got several tactics and techniques about social media marketing to double or even triple our business audience and sales.

I had identified the 8 type of customer and number game psychology behind the overall Business Turnover.

At the day as whole, I learned the key how to demonstrate the Higher Value in my business. It also breaks my mindset on what I thought about positioning in my businesses. It was explored by Dr.Maharaja with some great CASE STUDIES. I had got the following aspects

  • Tools/ Steps to identify right prospect/ customer.
  • What are the follow up and different channels to follow up and how to proceed effectively.
  • How to deal with different phases of life cycle of customer.

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